Player Score

The goal of Galaxicus is to score higher than the other players and there are several winning options.

The players score is created by adding the activity, ship, warrior and planet scores together.

Activity Score

This is made up of three activities a player does throughout a war.

Scouting As players scout systems they gain 3 points for each system they survey.

Hauling Players haul things around the universe such as: consumer goods, food, and metal ore. Each item earns the player 0.0001 point per item.

Cash in the bank Players receive the square root of the bank balance.

Attack score Attacking a planet gains the player the following scores:

  • Total fighters killed
  • Total guns destroyed
  • Total troops killed gains 0.0001 score each.
  • Total industry destroyed

Ship Score

The current player ship at the end of the war gains score for the player

  • 500 points per hull
  • Square root of the Cash on Ship

Warrior Score

The warrior score is made up of these two items

  • 500 points per kill
  • Total accumulated ship combat score - this is how much damage is done during a battle. - Don't ask, its magic

Planet Score

All planets generate a score value and this is a majority of a player's score calculation

For the explanation of the planet scoring go to the Planet_Score page