Fighting in Normal Space

Most ships are mounted with two turrets, one fore and one aft, each firing a very large laser. Each turret has about a 230 gradiant field of fire, so targets to the side of the ship can be fired upon by both turrets. To aim a turret, enter the lock command or press the lock button after selecting a target from the list of ships within range.

scanned targetsLock button

If a successful lock is made you may fire your lasers by pressing the Fire button. After firing the lasers must go through a recharge phase. Indicated next to the fire button and only appears when a ship is locked. You may fire before the recharge is complete to fire a less powerful shot. This is useful for making the kill shot.

Fire buttonlaser recharging.

Fighting in hyper space

Fighting in hyper is an essential skill. You have two forms of attack while in hyper space. Torpedoes and Missiles These war heads can be loaded with you fuel reserves to unleash a devastating attack. You can select how much fuel to charge your war head with by selecting between min and max.

select your warheads strength.

Torpedoes are a line of sight weapon and ignore shields if hit is made. Torpedoes explode on contact and have splash damage. Torpedoes do not track. You can enter torpedo mode by selecting it from your navigation console while in hyperspace. Fire a torpedo by shift clicking in the desired direction. Torpedoes can only be fired in hyperspace Torpedo mode.Torpedo mode.

Missiles missiles are similar to torpedoes in that they can be fired in hyperspace. However missiles are signature locking and can chase an enemy into a system. Missiles will damage shields first with the remaining splash damage passing through to a ships hull.