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Galaxicus is a Unity3D-based multiplayer, strategic empire building space game.


History states that Earth was destroyed in an ancient war and ruminants of humanity established colonies on distant worlds. There was almost no contact for many years, but as the colonies grew and expanded back out into the galaxy, they encountered each other and fierce battles took place for control of vital galactic resources.

To end the bloodshed, an essential, but informal, political system was established. Colonial leaders met and established criteria on how political power would be wielded. These leaders formed the Imperial Senate and their economic prowess and combat skills were evaluated every cycle. The makeup of the Senate changed, sometimes rapidly. Those that couldn’t compete were replaced. Every cycle the Senator with the highest skill level would become President of the Senate. Similarly, the leader of the most powerful alliance would be crowned Emperor of the Galaxy.

The first step on the road to becoming Emperor is to take command of your own scout ship. Provided by the Imperial Senate, they all have identical flight and combat characteristics. Your mettle is tested in real time combat against other pilots. Later, establish colonies and protect them by working hard on your own or by establishing alliances.

Exercise proper planetary management skills to earn resources for expansion and, thereby, to make your empire the envy of every other pilot. Build shipyards and upgrade your ship to a Dreadnought Class to become one of the most feared pilots in the galaxy.

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