Planet Score

How planet score is calculated

Planet score is the majority of a players score Score

Step 1: The value of the planet is calculated

Each industry has a capacity, this capacity is the max number of workers that can work in the industry.

The value of an industry is the capacity times its cost.

Adding each industry's value results in a value for the planet. These include Refineries, Civilian Factories, Basic Industry, Armaments, and Ship Yards.

Note: Some jobs in Galaxicus have no value, such as government, it does not have a capacity thus no value.

Step 2: The standard of living is calculated.

The standard of living is based on the number of consumer goods used. Take for example when a colonist purchases a TV (using an earth term) he does not need to purchase another for a long time.

Standard of living equals consumer goods used divided by colonists and troops.

Example and inner workings

Standard of living cannot be more than 300% and not less than 25%.

If a planet is below 25% it will take at least colonists divided by four before the SOL will change.

Example: A planet has 1,000,000 colonists and the player has not added any consumer goods to the planet. The player should bring at least 250,000 goods to the planet and it will take 1/4 year of game time (1 week real time) for the colonists to consume the goods.

The example is very simple since it does not include planet growth and is only enough to 'feed' the 1,000,000 population their basic desire.

Ideally the player would bring 3,000,000 consumer goods to get to 300% SOL.

How consumer goods are consumed

Each colonist consumes one consumer good per year. If there none, then they will be unhappy and the standard of living will decrease.

The total purchased goods will reflect the Standard of Living

When a planet changes owners

NOTE: THIS RULE HAS CHANGED- there is no longer a penalty:

The new owner should consider bringing every colonist a consumer good to make them happy.

It will take time for the colonists to consume the consumer goods, so swapping a planet in the last few hours of a war will not result in the direct transfer of one score from one player to another.

Step 3: The final calculation

By adding the following together results in the final score.

  • SOL times colonists times 10%
  • SOL times troops times 15%
  • Planet Value
  • Square Root (Taxes plus Metal Stock plus Metal Ore times 30)