Normal space

Normal Space

In normal space you are localized to a single star system. For this explanation we will use G50.1268 in rim space as an example. Inside this system there are multiple planets including a planet owned by TheGuardians. while in normal space you can direct your ship using the W A S D keys. The W key to throttle up, S key to throttle down, A key to turn your ship counter clock wise and D to turn it clock wise. These keys can be rebound in the options menu.

You can also select a planet by clicking on it or in the auto navigation bar on the top of the screen.

In order to exit normal space and enter hyperspace you will need to move away from the star in the system and increase your warp success chance.

Be careful when using the auto navigation feature. It will attempt to warp as soon as you select a planet or star system. If you are to close to the systems star it is possible to destroy your ship.

Guardian System JUMPING

While in normal space you can use the guardians jump gates by entering a system with a guardian planet and accessing your star map. Then select a region with a previously discovered Guardian planet you would like to visit and select jump to Xxx.XXX